You have always been a Homemaker and your Husband Died and you Live in Stockton, CA

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Lawyer


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You and your spouse decided long ago that you would be a stay at home mom to your four kids and he would work to be the sole support of your family. You always believed that you would be able to put away enough money so that someday he would retire and you would enjoy life together.

Your kids are all under the age of 10 and so being a homemaker and mom to them has been your full time job. You never worked outside the home. That was something that the two of you, as a couple, agreed on. That would be the best for the whole family. Then the unthinkable happened. Your husband was killed in a freak elevator accident at work. He did not have life insurance, except for a small policy from work for only $10,000. That won’t last the five remaining members of your family for very long after paying for his funeral.

You have been told by the human resources person at your late husband’s job that you need to apply for social security supplemental income. You need to find a great SSI attorney Stockton, CA very quickly. This same HR person made a few suggestions for SSI attorney in Stockton, CA and you need to get a free consultation right away. You know that you need a good, experienced lawyer to help you with what you know is a complicated application. You don’t want to get turned down and have to file an appeal.

You follow up with the HR person’s recommendation and reach out to the law office of Peña & Bromberg. You reach then through their website.