Legal Help Filing Bankruptcy Longview TX

by | Oct 14, 2014 | General


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The decision to file bankruptcy can be rife with negative emotions, including stress and feelings of failure. While it’s important to realize that financial distress can happen to anyone, the decision to file bankruptcy should be made with lawyer and financial experts with bankruptcy expertise. As there are several different types of bankruptcy claims you can file, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional who can help you determine which route is best. Whether you need to start Filing Bankruptcy Longview TX for business or personal reasons, you’ll want to know what to expect during legal proceedings and what bankruptcy laws will apply to your situation.

The reason why individuals and businesses have to consider Filing Bankruptcy Longview TX is that what they owe to creditors exceeds their financial resources. Although a variety of circumstances can bring a person to the point of bankruptcy, he has reached a point where his monthly debt obligations are more than his monthly income. Another possibility is that his monthly payments to creditors take up such a large percentage of his income that he doesn’t have enough to pay for basic necessities, such as food and housing. In some instances, bankruptcy can be avoided by renegotiating monthly debt payments. This is possible with some types of debt, such as government student loans and some credit card companies, but not always.

When Filing Bankruptcy Longview TX, it’s important to realize that not all types of debt can be discharged through bankruptcy. Government student loans are one of those debts that cannot be wiped out or eliminated even if the judge awards your case. You must still pay back the money you owe the government, although the payment plan, amount of interest , and total amount you end up paying back may be adjusted. Bankruptcy stops foreclosure proceedings on a mortgage and creditors from calling you to collect payment. The bankruptcy judge will determine how your debt payments will be restructured and what unsecured debts will be eliminated, depending on your income, financial resources and type of bankruptcy claim.

Filing Bankruptcy Longview TX is not an easy or light decision. A lawyer specializing in bankruptcy law will help you navigate the process and determine what type of bankruptcy claim you should file. Bankruptcy is a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. A lawyer will help explain what long-term effects you can expect as a result.