A DUI Lawyer in Scottsdale AZ Can Help You If You Have Been Charged With A DUI

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Lawyer, Legal Services


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Being arrested for a DUI is one of the worse legal problems you can have other than being accused of committing a major crime. You need a lawyer experienced in working with DUI charges, and you need him as soon as you can hire him. A DUI conviction can leave problems for your life which are ongoing. A DWI conviction can alter your life forever because it paints a picture of you as reckless, careless, and predisposed to being an alcoholic.

A conviction will result in your license being suspended for a period of time, usually six months, and you may not be able to drive to work. You surely will not be able to take your children to their games and other events they are accustomed to attending. The embarrassment will mount when your wife has to drive everywhere you want to go. Evening dinners out will become a challenge to your emotions.

However, a DUI Lawyer in Scottsdale AZ can often work to get the charges dismissed. He will challenge the breathalyzer test and the officer’s qualifications to administer the test. He will ask when the breathalyzer was last calibrated. There are many possible answers to questions about the breathalyzer test which could get the test thrown out as evidence. Your lawyer is very experienced at challenging these tests.

You may have been forced to give a blood sample which will be analyzed for alcohol content. This test opens up a big area for your attorney to probe. He will want to know how the blood was handled and how it was stored. The question of the qualifications of the person who drew the blood will come into play. Did a certified analyst test the blood and how much experience do they have? These are questions your attorney will ask.

Your attorney may get the DUI charge reduced or dismissed. There is no doubt but that he has a working relationship with the prosecutor, and if there is any questionable evidence, he may get the prosecutor to drop the charge.

Hopefully, you did not say anything when arrested that would incriminate you. The 5th Amendment guarantees you the right of silence and this is the time to use it. The police cannot do you any good just because you cooperated with them. for more information.