Hurt in a Bike Crash? Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Casa Grande, AZ

Motorcycle riders are very exposed when they are traveling on their bikes. Even when they are riding responsibly and staying in the middle of their lane, there are always drivers who can’t resist the space around them. They may decide to pass the bike and hit them accidentally. The bike rider can suffer massive injuries and incur large medical bills. As soon as possible they should hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Casa Grande, AZ. They will evaluate the nature of the accident, the length of time that the doctors expect will be needed for recuperation and file a lawsuit with the car driver’s insurance company.

It’s necessary for the bike rider to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer because insurance companies are in business to make money for their shareholders and not to give money to injured motorcyclists. If the biker doesn’t hire a lawyer quickly, the insurance company or their lawyer may decide that it’s time to have the damaged car crushed in a junkyard. That could ruin a great deal of evidence that would prove the biker’s claims. For example, newer cars have black boxes that work in a similar manner to those on airplanes. They can prove that the driver hadn’t been driving carefully long before they came up on the bike.

Injured people are often in a lot of pain and on powerful pain medications. They may not be thinking clearly and they could agree to a settlement that is not in their best interest. Their Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Casa Grande, AZ will be with them every time a representative of the insurance company meets with them. That will ensure that the injured person doesn’t agree to limit their rights to compensation. While it’s always the injured person’s right to accept a settlement. Their attorney has seen many insurance cases settled. They know how much money insurance companies typically payout in these kinds of circumstances.

Sometimes a car could hit a person walking down the road. Injuries in pedestrian accidents can be similar to those faced by a bike rider. Attorneys from Cole & Leal can ensure that they both get their day in court. While the court may not even give the negligence driver a jail sentence, the damages can help the injured person find a sense of justice and closure.

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