When arrested and charged with a crime, you will need a defense attorney

by | Nov 16, 2013 | Law


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A criminal defense attorney in Atlanta is one that is hired by anyone or anything that has been accused of committing a crime, the defendants can either be individuals or corporations. Under the laws of the United States a defense attorney is responsible for defending those accused of involvement in criminal activities, the defense takes place in a court of law and the case is argued before a jury and judge. Upon completion of the presentation, the defendant is either judged innocent or guilty and is either free to go or meted a penalty.

It is expected that a defense attorney in Atlanta will have a very in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the law and how the court system functions. After several years in law school and more years gaining experience, the defense attorney is ready to take on clients or be appointed by the court to defend someone who cannot afford to hire their own lawyer.

A defense attorney only works with the one accused of committing a criminal act, the objective is to develop and present to the court the best possible defense. Although it is not necessary for the attorney to prove the innocence of the accused as innocence is assumed under law, the attorney actually does work to prove the client’s innocence. Of course, most people who are charged with committing a crime will plead innocence, but in some cases the lawyer is called upon to give the client a dose of reality. The attorneys will work closely with the state or federal prosecutor in an attempt to minimize jail time and fines for the client that is guilty as charged.

After a period of time working in the same jurisdiction, a defense attorney in Atlanta becomes very familiar with the local courts, even to the point where they know which tactics work best with which judge, this helps in getting sentences reduced; it can also help in getting the case dismissed. There are many laws which are little known, a good attorney knows these laws and how to best use them for the defense of the client. It is the mandate of the defense attorney to use every legal means that he can to prove the client’s innocence or to fight for a lesser charge.