Hurt at a Movie Theater? Hire Slip and Fall Lawyers in Pennsylvania

Going shopping and visiting entertainment businesses makes life enjoyable. However when a person slips on a wet floor, enjoyment can transform into a painful injury. That can happen at a movie theater, when the staff is too busy to mop up a spilled drink and a patron slips on the hard floor. While many people get right back up again, a person could be seriously injured. They may bang their head or injure their lower back. In that event they should contact one of the Slip and Fall lawyers in Pennsylvania.

Once their doctors have evaluated their condition and confirmed that they are injured, their lawyer can file a claim for damages. The claim will seek payment for medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering. People who are facing a stack of medical bills and aren’t working may fear adding legal bills to the stack. They shouldn’t because the lawyer from Swartz Culleton PC will meet with them for free. He will review the facts of the case and determine if the movie theater owner was negligent. If the lawyer takes the case, the firm will be paid a percentage of any monetary settlement the injured person receives.

Insurance companies are in business to make money for their investors. They don’t care about the injured person or their medical bills. Therefore they look for every reason not to pay a claim. They may delve into person’s medical history and find that they have a history of migraine headaches. They may claim that this is the cause of the headaches and not the fall. Slip and Fall lawyers in Pennsylvania know how to counter allegations such as these. They will show that the injured person sustained a concussion in the fall. They will also show the difference in the headache, such as the lack of an aura, which is a symptom of a migraine. They’ll include new symptoms such as blurred vision.

If the insurance company still balks at a fair settlement, the lawyers will be ready to aggressively represent their client in court. They will put forth a strong case to show a jury that the insurance company should pay for the injuries. Sometimes this will make an insurance company offer a fair settlement, even after the trial has begun.


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