How a Worker’s Comp lawyer in Lawrenceville Will Help You

by | Oct 1, 2014 | General


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The law states that if you have been injured at work, and the injuries have made you temporarily unable to work, you are entitled to benefit. These are the benefits known as worker’s compensation benefits. However, there are many guidelines that are followed when making sure that the compensation is only awarded to the people who deserve it. Understanding how the process works will help you have an easier time hiring a Worker’s Comp lawyer in Lawrenceville, and following up your case.

Why benefits could be denied

Most of the employers will have set up an insurance scheme that will allow you to receive compensation for all the days you are out of work. However, the employer could choose to challenge your eligibility for benefits if:

* You were injured because of negligence when carrying out tasks

* You were operating machinery under the influence of drugs when you got hurt

* If the employer has reason to believe that you are feeling better but are deliberately avoiding getting back to work

* You have filed a personal injury lawsuit against the company or your employer

The law states that compensation benefits will be given in cases where the tort case is not followed up. Other things that could lead to difficulties is when the employer has not set up a compensation scheme for the employees.

Getting ready for the case

To get ready for the case, you need to understand why the benefits have been denied. In case the denial is a result of misconduct on your part, you have to find a way to prove that either you did not act in a reckless manner, or the recklessness on your part did not have any effect on the outcome of the events (the accident could have happened whether you were reckless or not). During the case, it would also be advisable to avoid things like engaging in sports and other activities that could indicate that you are fit.

These are some tips that can help you have an easier time when handling compensation cases. Hiring a Worker’s Comp lawyer in Lawrenceville will raise your chances of winning the case. To learn more about these cases,