How a Bail Bondsman in Douglasville, GA Can Be of Great Help

When people are arrested and thrown in jail, the last thing they want to do is spend a lot of time being locked up. This is where a bail bondsman would be handy, as there are some cases where the bond is preset (if the crime is not too serious), and the bail bondsman can help the defendant get released. A bail bondsman in Douglasville, GA assists defendants with problems getting out of jail who otherwise couldn’t afford to do so. Here are some things people may want to know about bail bonding in Georgia.

What to Know about the Bail Bonding Process in Georgia

When people are in jail in Georgia, if they do not qualify for a signature bond, or they can’t afford a cash or property bond, then the best option is to turn to a bail bondsman. Usually, the fee that a bail bondsman will charge will range from 10 percent to as much as 15 percent, depending on the nature of the crime and the agency. Administrative and court fees will also have to be paid, including a $10 fee for the local county.

More about Bail Bonding in Georgia

If defendants fail to appear in court on the dates they are scheduled, the courts will require the bail bondsman to pay the full amount of the bond. Many of these agencies have investigators, also called bounty hunters, who will go out and seek the defendant who failed to appear in the court. Any legitimate expenses that the bail bondsman incurs because of having to search for and arrest the defendant will have to be paid by the one who posted the bail, namely the co-signer.

A Bail Agent in Georgia

Many companies operate throughout the State of Georgia in the business of bail bonding services to help those with trouble getting out of jail. Free At Last Bail Bonds is an agency that provides bail bonding services for those in the Douglasville, Georgia area. If any individuals are in need of a bail bondsman in Douglasville, GA, the agency is available and can be reached at the website, .

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