High octane thrills to be had at the Tahuya ORV Park

by | Mar 20, 2013 | Law And Legal Services


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Open all year round, Tahuya National Forest is home to the ultimate off road vehicle experience. Petrol heads and thrill seekers alike flock to the trails dotted around the forest which cater for all types of ATV’s.

Situated near Belfair, Washington, Tahuya State Forest consists of approximately 2000 acres of off road trails that are set out in well designed loops. Here, family and friends can enjoy trails of varying lengths and difficulties from the shorter, more basic loops for beginners to the bone shuddering ferocity of the Overland Trail where the more experienced riders travel further afield from the numerous staging areas over rugged terrain before returning once more to their point of departure.

There are several staging areas dotted around the park and visitors tend to base themselves at one of these before venturing out for the fun and excitement of the trails. The most popular staging areas are Mission Creek, Elfendahl and Sand Hill. The latter of the trio playing host to viewing areas and play parks for those not participating in the off road fun.

For visitors wanting to extend their adventure and include an overnight stay there are well maintained camp grounds. The four main camp grounds can be found at Elfendahl, Tahuya River, Kamenga and Spillman. All the camp grounds require advanced reservation apart from Elfendahl and visitors are requested to limit their stays to seven days. The camp grounds have the usual array of amenities for the use of all visitors including washing facilities, toilets, picnic tables and fire rings while ATV’s are permitted to drive in and out of the camp grounds

There are a few basic rules which need to be observed whilst enjoying the park. These include ensuring all ATV’s carry the correct registration and documentation as failure to do so could result in you needing the services of one of the many defense lawyer in nearby Belfair, camp-fires should be in designated fire rings only, a total ban on any use of fireworks and no motorized vehicle usage after dark. Visitors are also reminded to stay on the designated trails when using their ATV’s. Other than that the only rule is enjoy yourself and have some great fun.

To find yourself at the park simply head west on NE Northshore Road (Highway 300) from Belfair. From there the most popular, centrally located staging area’s can be found by following the highway until you have passed Belfair State Park before turning right onto Tahuya Road and climbing a steep hill which leads directly to the first of the staging areas, namely Mission Creek.

So whether your new to the off road scene or an experienced ATV user, Tahuya ORV Park has something to offer everyone and is certainly an experience not to be missed.