Help For A Warrant Cambridge MD

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Law


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Every day, citizens are taken in to custody due to the fact that there are outstanding warrants for their arrest. Many situations can trigger the issuance of an arrest order signed by a judge, and in many cases, the person who is arrested may have had no idea that there were even warrants out for them.

One such cause of arrest warrants is when people fail to appear for their court date. If a person has been served via US mail with a notice to appear in court and if the address that the courts have on file for that individual is no longer correct, the papers may never be received. The resulting non appearance on their court date can result in a bench warrant being issued for their arrest.

For Warrant Cambridge MD issues, the services of an experienced and attentive lawyer are in order. There are several strategies that a defense attorney can take when making their explanation to the court as to the reason for the client’s failure to appear in the past, but the most effective argument will convince the judge to release the defendant from custody and allow them to remain free until their next court date.

There are other reasons that can trigger warrants to be issued for people as well. If you have been accused of a crime, the arrest order can be signed by a judge and this means that law enforcement has the power to take you in to custody, no matter where you are when you are located.

Warrant Cambridge MD situations have seen people arrested during routine traffic stops when the police officer runs their drivers license through a computer check and the outstanding warrants show up in the results. The common practice that police officers have of running every car license plate through a checking process can also lead to many warrant-related arrests.

In other, more serious cases, law enforcement officials such as police or sheriff deputies will go actively seeking the subject of the warrant in order to pick them up and bring them back to be held in custody.

No matter what the situation is that leads to the arrest and detention of the suspect, having a legal defense and an attorney who can defend your rights is a crucial element in getting a better outcome.