Examining the Steps with a Child Adoption Lawyer in Bethlehem, PA

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Family Law


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In Pennsylvania, adoption opens the door for couples and individuals to the opportunity to become parents when natural means just aren’t possible. The process enables them to provide a loving home for a child and create the family they always wanted. A child adoption lawyer in Bethlehem, PA helps couples and individuals achieve their goal of starting a family.

Filing an Application

The prospective parents must apply to start the adoption process. The application includes financial information, employment and details about their lives. The information is needed to determine if the couple can support the child and provide a stable home.

Interviewing with a Caseworker

Next, the couple is interviewed by a caseworker to determine if the couple is ready to handle the responsibilities of having a child. The caseworker reviews the couple’s home and determines if their home is adequate for a child. The casework will also determine if there are any risks to the child present. The findings of the assessment are reported back to the adoption agency.

Meeting with the Child

After the couple is approved for adoption, the adoption agency schedules meetings with children. The couple reviews documents related to each child of interest. The documents include details about their medical history and their parents. The information helps the couple determine which child is the best for their family. After the couple decides on the child, they meet with the child again and determine if the child wants to become a part of their family.

Attending the Hearing

After the child provides their approval for the adoption, a formal hearing is scheduled for the adoption. During the hearing, the child’s last name is changed if they prefer. Older children retain the right to make decisions about their name. The judge signs the adoption forms, and the couple becomes the legal parents of the child.

In Pennsylvania, adoption proceedings require couples to complete an application and attend an interview with a caseworker. The couple must complete a home study as well. Couples and individuals who want to adopt can contact us to speak to a child adoption lawyer in Bethlehem, PA right now.