A Drunk Driving Law Attorney in Burlington VT Uses a Variety of Methods to Help Clients

Depending on the situation, a drunk driving law attorney in Burlington VT uses a variety of strategies to help clients. Preventing conviction of driving under the influence is the first goal, but that is not always possible. Preventing the worst consequences is the secondary goal, and the person has a lot on the line. A hefty fine, a spike in automotive insurance rates, driver’s license suspension and even jail time can be the result.

A Criminal Offense

A conviction of DUI is not just a traffic offense; it is a criminal offense in the eyes of the law and the court system. Although technically nobody may have been harmed and no property damage occurred, the risk for these outcomes is significant when somebody gets behind the wheel after drinking a certain amount of alcohol.

Timing of Defense Methods

Some defense methods are used before an initial hearing. Evidence in favor of the client can be presented to the district attorney in an effort to convince them to drop the charge. A statement can be made to a judge at a hearing, asking for the case to be dismissed. An example of a method used by a drunk driving law attorney in Burlington VT is to review the arrest record and look for possible errors in the process.

A Plea Bargain

If there is no effective way to convince the prosecution to drop charges or the judge to dismiss the case, the lawyer may advise the client to plead guilty in exchange for guaranteed low penalties. This option for a plea bargain is very common in all sorts of criminal cases. It can help people maintain their freedom instead of being sentenced to jail.

Consulting a Lawyer

People sometimes feel too ashamed about being charged with DUI to consult a lawyer like Jason J. Sawyer. They want to sweep the entire episode under the rug, accept the consequences and move on. However, when there is a risk of incarceration, having professional legal representation is crucial. In addition, some people risk losing a job with this type of conviction. Visit the website to learn about a free consultation.

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