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by | May 9, 2016 | Dui Law Attorneys


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When you’ve been arrested for a DUI or DWI, it’s never recommended to perform your own representation in court. Dui Law Attorneys Woodbridge NJ can analyze every aspect of the evidence. They can review the camera from the police car and verify the protocol that was followed before the arrest. The next step of the arrest is usually a blood or breathalyzer test to determine the amount of alcohol or drugs that are in someone’s system. Just because you’ve been arrested doesn’t mean there isn’t any hope for building a strong defense for your case. If the proper procedure was not followed during the arrest or the alcohol or drug testing, this evidence could be ruled as not admissible in court.

Dui Law Attorneys Woodbridge NJ work hard for their clients’ freedom and to limit the severity of the penalties they may receive if they’re convicted of a DUI. A DWI is driving while intoxicated and a DUI is driving under the influence including drugs or alcohol. If you’re convicted on a first offense of a DUI, you will:

     *     Lose your driving privileges for 3 months.

     *     Spend at least twelve hours but not more than 30 days in jail.

     *     Pay a fine between $250 and $400.

     *     Possibly have an interlock device placed on your vehicle.

     *     Pay a $1,000 automobile insurance surcharge for 3 years on your automobile insurance.

     *     Be required two days of 6-hour mandatory alcohol classes.

For each subsequent offense, the penalties will become harsher and fines will be much higher. Losing your driving privileges could severely affect your life. Traveling to and from work is difficult when someone doesn’t have a license. The court will also place additional surcharges on top of the fines an individual is responsible for any type of DUI conviction. If someone’s arrested in a school zone for a DUI, the penalties will also be harsher. Dui law attorneys in Woodbridge NJ will handle the case from beginning to end for the best possible outcome. They understand the law, how the court will view the evidence and how the prosecutor may proceed.

Harrell Smith and Williams LLC in Woodbridge NJ have years of experience representing clients for DUI and DWI charges. Don’t go to court unrepresented. Contact them today.

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