Discussing a Domestic Violence Case with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Santa Clarita, CA

In California, domestic violence is a classification for assault, threats, and potential harm that involves members of the same household. If these actions occur, the victim can contact law enforcement and press charges. A criminal defense lawyer in Santa Clarita, CA assists defendants who are facing a domestic violence charge.

Getting Released from the County Jail

The terms of the defendant’s release are explained to them before they leave the county jail. In these cases, the terms prohibit the defendant from returning to their home if the victim lives there. The defendant is not allowed to communicate with the victim at any time. If the terms aren’t followed, the court revokes the defendant’s bail and sends them back to county lockup.

Protection Orders and Stipulations

The cases often involve a protection order with strict stipulations. The defendant cannot visit any location where they know the victim lives or visits frequently. There is to be no contact with the victim until the trial date. The defendant cannot contact the victim through any means. If they violate the terms of the protection order, additional charges will apply based on what they do.

What the Defendant Is Facing

The basic penalties for domestic violence are up to two years in prison and a fine of $2,500. However, the extent of the victim’s injuries and a previous criminal history increase the penalties. If the victim was a child, the court could increase sentencing based on the age of the child.

Additional Cases that Could Arise

It is likely that a divorce case could result in a conviction for domestic violence. If this happens, it is also likely the defendant’s spouse will seek sole custody of their children. Supervised visitation is probable if the defendant’s sentence is under two years.

In California, domestic violence involves anyone who has lived in the same household. As a rule, it involves spouses, children, parents, and anyone who had a romantic relationship with a member of the household. The criminal charges can lead to serious penalties and end up in family court. Defendants who need the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer in Santa Clarita, CA can visit us for more information now.

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