Construction Occupation Issues in Regard to Workers Compensation in Melville, NY

by | May 7, 2014 | Lawyers


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Occupations in various types of construction have a higher risk of injury on the job than is the norm. This includes all facets of construction, including excavation for basements and swimming pools, building of framework, installation of roofs and others. Construction workers sometimes work in situations that put them in danger of falling a significant distance, and their use of power tools also puts them at a higher risk. When they are injured, they should file for worker’s compensation benefits to which they are entitled. If an individual’s claim is denied, he may want to hire a Workers compensation Melville NY attorney for legal representation.

Worker’s compensation for construction workers can be a complicated issue. Some of these workers are not full-time employees; instead, they provide service on a contract basis or as temporary workers. The general contractor or company they provide service for may not have to pay an insurance carrier for worker’s comp benefits to cover these particular individuals. If the individual is working through a staffing agency, however, that agency is likely responsible for overseeing worker’s compensation benefits.

A Workers Compensation Melville NY lawyer can provide detailed information on these circumstances during an initial free consultation. The state normally requires general contractors to file a certificate of exemption from worker’s comp benefits if regulations allow them not to participate in the program. If they have not completed the proper paperwork, this does not mean that an injured worker can receive workers comp benefits, however.

Before a person begins working as an independent contractor in any type of construction, he should learn about the relevant laws that protect him in case of an injury. If he is seriously hurt on the job, and his occupation does not qualify for worker’s comp, his only recourse may be to file a personal injury lawsuit. A firm such as Gilbert, Blaszcyk and Milburn, LLP, can provide information on this option during the initial free consultation. These lawyers want to make sure that hard-working individuals receive appropriate legal representation, so they are not faced with financial ruin while recovering from a serious injury.