Why You May Need a Guardian in Hawaii, HI in Case Anything Happens to You

by | May 7, 2014 | Legal Services


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When you have young children, you only want the best for them. This means making sure their basic needs are met, making sure they get an education, and teaching them right from wrong. You do your best for your children, and hope that they are able to learn from you and live a long, happy life. Unfortunately, unforeseen accidents and illnesses can happen. If you pass away, who will take care of your children for you? Who has the same standards as you, and will make sure that the life you see for your child is the life they receive?

If you’re in Hawaii, you will want to look for a lawyer who can help you name a Guardian in Hawaii HI to watch over your child in case anything happens to you. You can choose anyone to be the guardian to your child or children if anything happens to you, and your lawyer will make sure that the correct paperwork is filed so that there is no question of custody if anything happens.

In general, many people choose either family members or close friends to be a guardian for their child, because they are close with these people and know that their child will be raised in a loving environment which allows them to grow and learn as you would have wanted. Most people also choose a backup guardian, in the event that the guardian they choose is not able to look after the child if something happens to the parent. For instance, if the grandmother is the guardian, but she passes away before the parent and the paperwork has not been changed, the child will be given to the next in line for guardianship.

A lawyer can help you with everything you need to create an official Guardian in Hawaii HI, as well as backup guardians, and making sure that any finances or trusts for the child are in place. By working with a lawyer such as Cheryl Takabayashi, you will know that there will be no question as to who will care for your child in the case of an accident or illness that leaves you unable to care for them yourself.