An Accident Attorney in Norfolk, VA Will Be of Great Help Following an Accident Involving a Roof Collapse

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Lawyer


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Roughly 10,000 individuals lose their lives each year as the result of a rollover collision. The strength of the roof plays a large role in the injuries sustained, yet many roofs collapse in this type of accident. Multi-vehicle collisions may result in a crash of this type, and the same is true of defective tires. However, the majority of these crashes occur when the tires of the vehicle hit an object. This interrupts the vehicle’s motion, which leads to the vehicle pitching sideways or forward into a roll. Anyone who has been injured or lost a loved one in an accident in which the roof collapsed should speak with an accident attorney in Norfolk, VA immediately.

Roof Failure

The roof of a vehicle typically fails due to a problem with the vehicle’s structural integrity. Car makers must design and manufacture their vehicles to protect the occupants, yet things may go wrong. For example, the vehicle design may be defective or cheap materials may be used in the manufacturing of the car. Improper installation of vehicle components may also lead to this issue. When the roof is weak, the pillars that support it may collapse during a rollover. This leads to contact with the occupant’s head and possibly spine bringing about life-threatening injuries.

Why an Attorney is Needed

Injuries sustained in a roof crush accident tend to be severe, if not deadly. Compensation may be obtained for any pain and suffering the person experiences, any medical bills associated with the accident, lost wages, and wrongful death, among other things. However, the party or parties responsible must be identified. An attorney can be of great help in determining who is liable, as it might be multiple parties. They can call on a team of experts to assist with this and ensure a strong case is built, one that will prove the claims of the person suing for damages.

When you have been injured in a collision that resulted in a roof collapse or you have lost a loved one in this type of accident, speak to an accident attorney in Norfolk, VA promptly. Price Perkins Larkin has the experience needed to tackle a case of this type. Contact them today for a consultation, as no case is too small for them to take on.