Advantages of Hiring a Disability Attorney Oklahoma City OK

by | Oct 9, 2012 | General


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The process of getting social security benefits can seem like a tedious one. If you have tried to apply for them on your own before and have had your application denied, the next best course of action would be to enlist the services of a disability attorney. Disability hearings are typically presided over by Administrative Law Judges. Although it is not mandatory to have a disability attorney, it is advisable to do so as it will improve your chances of having your application improved. Here are some of the advantages that come with hiring a disability attorney Oklahoma City OK.

1. They can collect additional evidence for your case. When it comes to disability hearings, you are expected to submit any additional evidence that you have within a period of ten days since you filed your case. By enlisting the services of a professional attorney, you can rest assured that they will have the appropriate resources to collect as much evidence as possible in that amount of time. In the event that the time is not enough for sufficient gathering of evidence, the attorney can then request the administrative law judge to grant you an extension to further the collection of evidence.

2. Opening remarks and closing statements. Although it is not pertinent to have opening remarks as well as a closing statement during these hearings, it is always a good idea to include them. By having a disability attorney that will give a compelling closing statement and convincing opening remarks, you get the chance to add validity to your case.

3. A disability attorney Oklahoma City OK will be able to object undue processes. When you enlist the services of one of these lawyers, the first thing that they will do is discuss the specifics of your case with the administrative law judge. This discussion will give your disability attorney the chance to spot any unfair evidence that may have been presented and object to it before the case begins.

4. Cross examination. A critical part of these cases is the witnesses that will be presented in court. The administrative law judge will undoubtedly have vocational witnesses as well as medical witnesses summoned so as to testify about your condition and on whether or not you deserve the social security disability benefits. A good attorney will be able to cross-examine these witnesses in a professional manner so as to ensure that the answers they give will be favorable to your particular case.

5. Computation of your social security disability benefits. Once your case has been approved, the attorney that you hire should be able to come up with the right figure in relation to the amount of compensation that you are eligible for.


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