How an Accident Attorney Los Angeles Service Protects Your Rights

by | Oct 10, 2012 | Lawyer


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An accident attorney Los Angeles practitioner can help victims recover entitled damages whenever they’ve become injured due to another party’s carelessness. By law, citizens and businesses have the responsibility of exercising reasonable care towards others. When this duty has become breached, and resultantly a person becomes injured, the victim has the right to recover. A good lawyer will preserve your right to file a lawsuit.

Deciding Who to Sue

Sometimes there will be multiple parties held legally responsible in injury situations. As an example, if somebody hits you and is driving a company vehicle or on company time, it could be possible to sue the individual and the employer. Knowing exactly who to name as a defendant is essential, as one of the responsible parties might not be in the position to fully pay the claim due to lack of insurance or financial resources. The lawyer will also ensure the claim is filed in an expedient manner.

Gathering Evidence and Proving Negligence

There are many important things that go into being able to prove negligence and suffering whenever accidents occur. Having a competent accident attorney Los Angeles professional on your side quickly after the event is always a good idea. They have the skill and capability of knowing what’s necessary to prove the facts involved. The first step usually is collecting physical evidence and interviewing potential witnesses. It’s important this task is performed immediately, as witnesses tend to disappear with time.

Effective Legal Arguments

In addition to fact gathering for your case, there are also specific rules of law that can be determinative of whether recovery is possible or not. A professional legal service will help to construct legal arguments ultimately presented to a judge or jury which suggest arriving at a decision in your favor. Part of the research process may also involve looking at past cases and legal statutes in determining how injury law applies in your specific case.

Negotiating an Insurance Settlement

Personal injury lawyers will help victims negotiate with insurance organizations. In many cases, the insurance provider will have interests that are not closely aligned with yours. Their objective is to incur lowest possible costs, while you likely are more concerned about recovering financial damages such as lost income and medical expenses. The law firm you employ will facilitate discussions with any insurance provider involved in the event. Quite often, the accident attorney Los Angeles professional is able to negotiate a reasonable settlement amount.