Why You Need an Attorney for Traffic Offenses

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Lawyers


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You may think that traffic offenses are just minor issues. However, they can cause you a lot of unnecessary strain and stress. A conviction for a traffic offense can:

Some traffic offenses accumulate points on your driver’s license. Insurance companies pay close attention to points that people receive, and they raise their premiums because of them. Take the time to talk to a criminal defense attorney in Ponte Vedra and see if that person can help you avoid such a fate.

Traffic offenses don’t just affect your insurance. They can affect your livelihood, as well. Certain employers may decline your application if they find out you have points on your license. The good news is that a criminal defense attorney in Ponte Vedra area can help you to keep your name clear and your wheels on the road.

If you plead guilty to a traffic offense without putting up a fight, you may be subject to fines. You’ll have to pay more than the amount for the ticket. Additionally, you may have to deal with the other repercussions of having a traffic violation on your record. The best thing you can do for yourself is to contact an attorney who handles traffic offenses. This person can examine the case and ensure that the other party handled itself professionally and gave you the information that you had a legal right to receive. It’s worth a try to talk to someone about your situation.

Contact Canan Law Attorneys before you plead guilty to a traffic offense. The lawyers at this firm specialize in getting people out of traffic offense charges. It may be well worth it for you to make a quick phone call and see if they can help you defend yourself.