The Types of Bail Bond in Stamford, CT and How to Get Them

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Bail Bonds


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The bail process is seldom easy to navigate alone. It is further complicated by having different types of bail bonds available depending on the situation. Having a good understanding of the different bail bond in Stamford, CT options available can help alleviate stress after an arrest. Keep reading for more information.

What Is Bail?

Before discussing the different types of bail bonds, people need to understand what bail is. After an arrest, a judge will assign bail based on the severity of the crime and the likelihood the defendant will return to satisfy their court obligations. Once the bail amount is deposited with the court, the defendant will be released. After the court obligations have been met, the bail is refunded.

Surety Bond

A surety bond is the most typical bond one thinks about when purchasing a bail bond. A surety bond can be used for any bail amount and is particularly useful when the bail amount set by the court is higher than the defendant can afford. To purchase a surety bond, a defendant or their loved ones can contact a bail bondsman to acquire a bail bond. When doing so, they promise to pay the full bail amount if they do not appear in court. In return, the bail agent charges a premium, usually 10%, and may require some form of collateral.

Property Bond

Property bonds are not available in all states, but they are an option in Connecticut. Instead of paying cash for the bail, a defendant pledges equity in their property. Different types of property may be accepted, but most often real estate is used. A property bond can take more time than a surety bond to issue. The property must be assessed, and a separate court hearing is required to ensure everything is agreed upon.

Immigration Bail Bond

An immigration bond is only available to non-citizens present in the United States. Specific criteria must be met to qualify for an immigration bond. Work with a bail bondsman experienced with immigration bonds

In Closing

Bail options can vary based on the defendant and their personal preferences. When obtaining bonds, work with a bail bond agent with experience issuing the type of bond you are seeking. Visit Business Name for more information about different bail bond in Stamford, CT options.