Why You Might Want a Divorce Attorney in Tacoma, WA

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Divorce Lawyer


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It is the American family dream that a couple gets married, has children and live happily ever after in their beautiful cottage with the white picket fence. However, for the vast majority, that is just a fairy tale that doesn’t come true. More often than not, couples find themselves going into divorce court to end their marriage. A divorce attorney in Tacoma, WA understands these things and helps people who are seeking a divorce.

The Divorce Process in Washington

There are two types of divorces that can be granted; that is the uncontested divorce and the contested divorce. For the most positive outcome, it is hoped that a divorce can go uncontested, which would take little time and will not cost much money. If the divorce is uncontested, it will take about three months to complete, and it can be done without the aid of an attorney. However, if the divorce is contested, that is when the big problems potentially come, and having a divorce lawyer is strongly advised.

What Things Could Be Contested in a Divorce

When a divorce is contested, that means that one or both of the spouses do not agree to the conditions of the divorce. There could be issues on the division of property and all the other assets. There could be issues about the children, like who will get custody and how much support will have to be paid. There could also be issues as to the cause of the divorce.

Other Things About the Divorce Process in Washington

In the contested divorce, Washington takes a position of “no-fault,” which means that there is no need to assign blame for who is causing the divorce. This is one issue that will not have to be dealt with. Also, the matter of spousal maintenance will be dealt with, if it should be seen as needed.

A Lawyer Who Can Help with Divorce

Scott Candoo, Attorney at Law is an attorney who has been providing legal solutions for clients in the Tacoma, Washington area for more than 30 years. Any individuals or couples who are looking for a divorce attorney in Tacoma, WA, can contact this attorney.