Why It Pays to Know Your Workers Compensation Rights

by | Apr 13, 2015 | Lawyer


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While most people have heard of workers compensation, they usually do not think much about the topic until they need to apply for benefits. The fact is that it makes sense to know your rights before that day comes. Here is some basic information to keep in mind, including what do to when circumstances that call for seeking benefits arise.

A Working Definition of Workers Compensation

It is important to understand what workers compensation entails. Essentially, this is a benefit employees can claim when they are unable to work due to an incident or series of events that take place on the job. For example, if the employee develops a health condition due to something that occurs in the workplace, it is possible to collect benefits. Injuries on the job that make it impossible to work for a period of time also qualify.

No-Fault Compensation

It is important to realize that the benefits are not extended with the condition that one party or the other accepts blame for the incident that leads to the injury or illness. After a review, the benefits are paid and may include covering medical expenses or direct disbursements to the employee. The funds for those payments are obtained from the insurance company that provides the employer with workers compensation insurance.

It is important to note that while the benefits do not require the placement of blame, the insurance provider can contest the assessment of the review board. During that period, the benefits will not be paid out. Should the review board find that the objections of the provider are not valid, the benefits are often made retroactive to the date of the original claim.

Hiring an Attorney

Since it hard to know your rights in regard to these types of benefits, it pays to engage the services of an attorney who happens to specialize is this area of the law. Doing so will make it much easier to ensure the claim is filled out completely and accurately. In the event that the claim is contested, the attorney can protect the interests of the client.

Recovering from a work-related injury or illness is difficult enough without having to worry about mountains of bills. Seek the services of an attorney and file the initial claim. Doing so will be the first step in securing the resources needed to get through a difficult period.

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