When Would You Turn To A California Lemon Law Attorney?

When you purchase a new car you expect it to perform flawlessly. If your new car ends up spending more time in the dealer’s service department than it does on the road there is a very good chance that it is one of the one percent of new cars manufactured that turns out to be a lemon. Fortunately you can hire a California lemon law attorney to defend your rights when you are stuck with a car that does not perform as it should.

The law protects consumers that end up with a lemon. In the eyes of the law, a new vehicle that has serious defects and cannot be repaired within a specific time frame, number of attempts or number of miles entitles you to a full refund or a new vehicle of equal value.

How does the state of California define a lemon?

The state of California adheres to the Song-Beverly Warranty Act to define a lemon. A vehicle is presumed to be a lemon if, within 18 months of the date of delivery to the buyer the following has transcribed:

  *  Two attempts have been made to fix a fault that can potentially cause death or serious injury
  *  The car has been unavailable to the owner for 30 days or more due to repairs of warranty problems
  *  The vehicle manufacturer has tried to repair the same problem four times, and
  *  The fault is not as a result of vehicle abuse

What to do if you have a lemon:

A California lemon law attorney can help you get the satisfaction you deserve. When you pursue your claim alongside a knowledgeable attorney you can often get a quicker resolution than you might expect if you deal with the problem yourself and as your attorney knows the law, he or she can negotiate from a position of strength.

A California lemon law attorney knows the law and can see to it that you get the results that you wish. If you are looking for an attorney in California you are invited to visit LemonLawAmerica.com

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