You Can Appeal If Your Veterans Disability Claim Was Denied

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Attorney


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Although it is bound to be a disappointment, if your claim for veterans benefits was denied you have every right to appeal. The VA gives you one year from the date of the decision to deny benefits to contact a veterans benefits lawyer in Florida to make the appeal. There has been a considerable amount of press lately reporting on the high number of errors made by the VA. If you are among those that have been denied benefits and you are of the opinion the decision was wrong, it makes a great deal of sense to appeal.

What can you appeal?

When you request an appeal you are asking the Board of Veterans Appall to have another look at the decision made by your local VA office, you can appeal for any reason. In many cases your application is accepted but only a part of your claim was approved, in other cases you can appeal because you believe the level of benefits granted is incorrect. Although there are many reasons cited, the most common reasons for appealing the decision are:

   *  The board has denied the claim for injuries that the applicant believes were the direct result of military service, and

   *   The applicant is of the opinion that the disability is more severe than the rating applied by VA

Getting help for the appeal:

Appealing a denial of benefits is quite a complicated matter and as such most applicants hire a veterans benefits lawyer in Florida to provide help and guidance. A veterans benefits lawyer must be accredited by Veterans Affairs.

The appeals process is long and drawn out, it can take many months or even years. As a veteran that has been denied disability benefits it is in your best interests to do everything in your power to move the process along; a seasoned veterans benefits lawyer can improve your chances of winning on appeal.

If your application for disability benefits was denied by the VA you should consider hiring a veterans benefits lawyer in Florida. You are invited to discuss your case with Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices.