When to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Fort Collins Following a Football Injury

Fall has arrived, and this means many individuals are spending their evenings and weekends watching college and pro teams compete on the gridiron. Many parents now allow their child to play this sport on a recreational or school team also. Is there any legal recourse if the child is injured while engaging in the sport? This question is on the mind of many parents, coaches, league organizers and more. The best way to learn what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to this issue is to speak to a personal injury lawyer in Fort Collins.

Off-Field Accidents

Lawsuits have been filed against coaches, athletic directors, and other individuals when a player is injured in an off-field incident. Due to recent news coverage of hazing deaths, parents are now more aware of an issue that has been around for quite some time. If state law prohibits this type of behavior, any person of authority who knows it is taking place and does nothing to stop it may find he or she is sued by the parents and player.

Equipment Failure

Before going on the field, a football player suits up in protective gear. However, this gear may fail and leave the person injured. For example, people have successfully brought lawsuits against helmet manufacturers after sustaining a concussion or other head injury while playing football. These stories are rare, but this does not mean a person should give up. Contact an attorney to see if the case has merit. In certain situations, it will and the injured party will receive the settlement they deserve.

If you feel your child has been injured while playing football because somebody else was negligent or chose to look the other way, contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Fort Collins. Many families choose to work with The Law Offices of Burton and Burton Law (BurtonAndBurtonlaw.com) at this time. The firm works to ensure the child receives compensation so he or she can have the highest quality of life despite the injury. A free consultation is offered, so families have nothing to lose. Contact them to see if they believe you have a solid case and should move forward with the suit.

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