When Should You Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

by | Jan 9, 2019 | Lawyer


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When should you consider hiring a personal injury lawyer? The straight forward answer to this straight forward question is quite simple; you should hire a personal injury lawyer in North Chicago if you suffered an injury as a result of negligence on the part of another person or entity.

The important issue is whether the injury, either physical or mental, was the direct result of negligence. If it appears that there was not a negligent action then the incident can be seen as no more than an unfortunate accident and as it was accidental there is no basis for a legal claim. There are many times when the line between what is negligence and what is accidental can be blurred, this is one very valid reason for consulting with a lawyer who is seasoned in personal injury litigation. If you happen to be out walking on a public street, catch your shoe on a broken piece of sidewalk and fall and break your wrist trying to dampen your fall you may think of this as no more than an unfortunate accident. There is no getting away from the fact that the fall was indeed unfortunate but more-so for the city than for you. The city will be seen as the entity that was charged with the responsibility of maintaining the sidewalks, ensuring that they are kept in a safe condition and they pose no hazard for those who use them. This is a simple example of a negligent act and in the case the city can be sued for damages.

There are many other cases other than an automobile accident where the cause can be put down to a negligent act. Accidents unfortunately can and do happen on the job; if your job is to work with machinery and the machine was left unguarded, your employer is liable in the event of an accident causing injury. If you go out after supper with your spouse for a pleasant walk and you are attacked and mauled by a dog, the owner of the animal was negligent and therefore liable to pay compensation. The examples are many; the list goes on and on.

If you suffer an injury and you are of the opinion that the injury is the result of an act of negligence you can sue. Once you have arranged to receive the necessary medical care your next move should be a call to a personal injury lawyer in North Chicago to discuss the details. It is important to involve a lawyer from the beginning as there are many important issues that need to be discussed in detail and if your claim is to prosper in court these issues must be brought to the fore.