What Types of Injuries Does Workers Compensation Cover?

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Lawyers


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No one heads off to work with the intent of getting injured. Accidents and injuries can take you off the job for long periods of time. Some injuries are so severe that you are unable to return to work. You need to get legal advice if you are struggling to get the worker’s compensation benefits you need and deserve.

Physical Injuries from Equipment, Falls, and Safety Hazards

Physical injuries on the job site can vary from disfigurement due to severe equipment malfunction to trip and fall incidences. Pulled muscles and tendons, cuts, bruising, broken bones, loss of digits or limbs and other physical trauma can make completing your work tasks impossible for short periods of time. It can even end your career permanently. You need to seek the advice of the best workers compensation lawyers in Buena Park to ensure your medical and financial needs are met by your employer.

Illnesses, Chemical Exposure, or Environmental Hazards

Workplace outbreaks of illness like hepatitis A, breathing difficulties or burns from chemical exposure, and other environmental hazards that lead to illness and injury are all covered by worker’s compensation. Whether chemical and environmental hazards are labeled correctly is not relevant if you are accidentally exposed on the job. You are entitled to assistance in obtaining the medical services you need to get well.

Any On-the-Job Related Accident or Injury

The best workers compensation lawyers in Buena Park will tell you that any injury you receive while on the clock and working for your employer is covered by workers compensation insurance. You need to seek legal advice if you are being denied benefits.

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