What to Do After Securing Bailbonds in Oklahoma City

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Bail Bonds


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Just about every person who is arrested has the opportunity to be released on bail. In some cases, the bail is minimal and the family of the defendant can easily afford to get them out. Some are even released on their own recognizance, a promise they will return to court. However, there are some defendants who are unable to afford the amount the court orders for their release. This could be because the charge is severe or because they were released on bail in the past and didn’t return for their next hearing. When bail is too high, bailbonds in Oklahoma City could be the answer.

Got the Bailbond: What’s Next?

After either paying bail to the court or posting a bailbond, a defendant needs to continue to follow the instructions of the court. They may have to meet with various court officials, such as a probation officer and keep in touch with their public defender or a private attorney. It’s very important for someone who has been released from jail on bond to return to court on the dates they’ve been scheduled to be there. In some cases, an attorney will make an appearance on behalf of their client. Companies that provide Bailbonds in Oklahoma City may remind a client prior to upcoming court dates.

Consequences of Missing Court

When a person misses court, the judge typically issues a warrant for their arrest. Defendants have a couple of options at that point. They could turn themselves in and potentially get a new court date or be arrested and taken to jail to await the trial. Defendants who got out of jail on bond usually forfeit the money they paid and may not be eligible for another bond.

Every defendant who has been charged with a crime that could result in jail time should be represented by a lawyer. If they are not going to be able to make it to court, they should contact their lawyer and the bailbond company to get instructions.

Most people don’t have much experience with the criminal justice system so it’s important to work with people who have a lot of knowledge. Defendants and their family members should get more information about bailbonds before paying the court for their release.