Visitation Issues? Why Hiring a Child Support Lawyer in Newnan, GA Matters

Non-custodial parents are typically awarded visitation rights that allow them to see and spend time with their children on a regular basis. In the best situations, the custodial and non-custodial parent work closely to ensure that the kids have a positive relationship with each of them. When the cooperation of the custodial parent is lacking, it may be time to think about hiring a child support lawyer in Newnan, GA. Here is what the lawyer is likely to recommend.

Keep Paying Child Support

Some non-custodial parents may be tempted to withhold child support payments until the custodial parent agrees to honor the visitation. Expect the child support lawyer in Newnan, GA to recommend not using this strategy. Judges tend to view the payment of support payments and the observance of visitation privileges as two separate matters. The most likely scenario is that the custodial parent will not budge an inch and the non-custodial parent could end up with quite a few legal issues due to the lack of payment.

Documenting the Refusals

If at all possible, arrange for a third party to witness the refusal and make a note of whatever excuse is provided. It also helps to document the willingness of the non-custodial parent to suggest alternative times if the refusal has to do with some type of special event the child is attending or a postponement because the child is ill. When the response is vague or is rejected outright, having details like the date, time, and what was said will come in handy later.

Placing the Matter in the Lawyer’s Hands

When there is documented evidence that visitations are being routinely denied and attempts to reschedule are being rebuffed, step back and allow the lawyer to initiate contacts with the custodial parent. This is especially true if it’s beginning to get difficult for the non-custodial parent to remain calm about the matter. In many cases, knowing that a lawyer is involved and that there are legal measures open to the non-custodial parent is enough to generate the desired cooperation.

If having access to the kids has become difficult, now is the time to visit and arrange for a consultation. Bring along any documentation or witnesses who have knowledge about what has been said and done. Doing so could be the first step in getting things back on track and ensuring the children have the opportunity to enjoy time with both parents.

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