Protect Your Future by Contacting a Drug Crime Attorney in Sycamore

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Attorney, Lawyer


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When a person is arrested and charged with a drug crime, they’re facing a significant amount of jail time. Although the person might have been caught with drugs on them, there is still help available if they contact a drug crime attorney in Sycamore. No matter what they were charged with, contacting an attorney can help them get a better outcome.

Have the Charges Dismissed

There are times when a lawyer can have the charges against a person dismissed even if the person was caught with drugs on them. Perhaps the police did not have a valid reason to stop them or search them. If the evidence was not legally discovered or legally stored until the trial, it may not be able to be used against the person. This can lead to the charges being dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Have the Charges Lowered

A much more common scenario is for the charges to be lowered. If a person is caught with a certain amount of drugs, for instance, the charge might include intent to sell just because of how much they had on them. However, the lawyer might be able to convince the judge to lower the charge to simply a possession charge. This can significantly lower the amount of time they might spend in jail as well as other penalties they might face as the result of a conviction.

Have the Conviction Sealed

If it’s the first time a person has been arrested, the lawyer may be able to have the conviction sealed provided they follow all terms of the sentencing, which typically includes treatment, and do not get in further trouble. This is often called withholding adjudication and is one way to help ensure those who make one mistake can get the help they need through treatment programs and avoid having a conviction if they otherwise stay out of trouble.

If you’ve been arrested for any type of drug crime, make sure you contact a drug crime attorney in Sycamore as quickly as possible. Your future could depend on this. Visit us today to learn more about how hiring a lawyer can help you.