Using Personal Injury Attorneys in Towson, MD to Help Prove Negligence Was Not an Issue

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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When someone pretends to get hurt in a store, the business owner will want to take steps to prove that negligence was not to blame for a false injury. Most proprietors will hire one of the personal injury attorneys in Towson, MD to assist with finding ways to prove that an incident was falsified. Here are some steps that will help prove a customer has put in a false injury claim against a business.

Obtain Photographic and Video Evidence

If visual evidence is available of the area where the supposed incident took place, clues about the location are evaluated by an attorney to determine how to proceed in a court of law. This information may show people who had seen the incident as it unfolded. It may also provide a view of the condition of the floor or ground as well as equipment, tools, or other materials in the area that are blamed for the situati0on.

Get Statements from Witnesses

If people were present in the area where an injury was faked, their accounts of the actions they witnessed are useful to prove the entire scenario was staged. Make sure to get a written statement from each witness as soon as possible after the incident happens.

Show Maintenance Records to Prove Upkeep

If the area where an incident occurs is maintained regularly, logs about routine work can help to show the injury was not a fault of a business owner’s practices. Get written statements from maintenance workers and gather receipts for cleaning supplies or equipment repair to show the upkeep of the area was not neglected.

Hire a Private Investigator Via an Attorney

An attorney has the power to hire a private investigator to watch over the person claiming to be injured. The proposed injured party may show indications they are able to perform tasks without difficulty, helping to show they are trying to collect compensation for ill purposes.

When there is a need to hire one of the personal injury attorneys in Towson, MD, finding a reputable practice is a must. Visit us to find out more.