Understand the Benefits of Hiring a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Winnebago County, IL

by | Aug 1, 2017 | Lawyer


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Dog owners are required to keep their dogs under control so they do not cause harm to others. When a person becomes the victim of a dog bite, they have the right to hold the dog owner accountable. Hiring the dog bite injury lawyer in Winnebago County, IL will protect a person’s rights as they pursue compensation for their injuries.

Illinois Dog Bite Laws Protect Victims

The state of Illinois is a strict liability state. This means a dog owner can be held liable for a bite injury, even if the owner was unaware of the dog’s propensity to bite. This makes it easier for injured victims to be able to receive compensation.

A victim has two years from the date the bite occurred to seek a lawsuit. Waiting too long will forfeit the victim’s rights and will prevent them from being able to pursue compensation for their injuries.

This is why it is important that victims hire the dog bite injury lawyer in Winnebago County, IL. Promptly doing so will protect their rights through the process and will help them avoid needless delays that can harm their ability to receive a fair outcome.

Lawsuits Are Sometimes Necessary

If a dog owner is unwilling to cooperate and pay for the damages their dog caused, a lawyer can help a victim pursue compensation via a lawsuit. A petition and summons must first be filed, and then the dog owner will be given time to respond.

A dog bite injury case is heard before a judge or jury, and they are held responsible for determining the outcome. If the defendant is found liable, the victim will then be awarded a monetary damage amount to cover their measurable damages.

Because so much evidence is needed in pursuing a dog bite case, it is important victims work with a lawyer so an investigation can be carried out. A lawyer will make sure their client is prepared for court so the judge will rule in their favor.

If you have been bitten by someone’s dog, it is important you protect your rights by seeking the help of a lawyer. Contact us for legal assistance today so you can schedule a consultation meeting to get started.