Two Ways a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Waxahachie, TX Can Get Charges Dropped

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Lawyers


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No responsible driver should ever get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Those who do so take the lives of many people in the area each year and that type of behavior must always be condemned.

On the other hand, entirely innocent drivers sometimes find themselves accused of drunk driving, with even well-meaning police officers and prosecutors making mistakes. Consulting a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Waxahachie TX like one of those at Mallios & Associates PC will generally be the best way to resolve such problems.

False Accusations of Drunk Driving are More Common Than Many Realize

Police officers in the area are required to stringently enforce laws prohibiting drunk driving at all times. That is almost certainly a positive situation, in general, but it does mean overzealousness and aggressiveness can sometimes lead to related problems.

When a person who should not have been stopped or accused of drunk driving ends up facing charges, seeking legal counsel and representation will almost always be the most productive response. Some of the issues that a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Waxahachie TX might be able to highlight to secure an acquittal for a client relate to subjects like:

  • Probable cause.
  • Many people assume that most arrests for drunk driving occur after an officer pulls over an inebriated person. In many cases, however, it will be a stop for another matter entirely that eventually leads to charges of drunk driving. In fact, officers assigned to squads dedicated to policing drunk driving frequently develop strategies that revolve around pulling over drivers for other reasons. When a lack of probable cause for a stop was evident in a particular drunk driving case, that alone can be sufficient to have the charges dropped.
  • Field sobriety tests.
  • Police officers sometimes rely fairly heavily on subjective judgments when deciding whether to arrest particular people for drunk driving. Should it become clear that these determinations were defective, a case could easily be cast into doubt.

Plenty of Help is Available

Click here and it will be seen that there are many other approaches attorneys can use to prove the innocence of clients who have been accused of drunk driving. Seeking such assistance can make all the difference when unjustified charges have been filed.