Three Key Reasons to Hire an Experienced SSI Disability Attorney

People who have been disabled for significant time periods may have not worked enough during the past 15 years to qualify for SSDI, which is the higher-paying version of disability insurance. However, even though a person can only get SSI, he or she still stands to benefit a great deal by hiring an Olympia SSI disability attorney. Here’s how.

Familiar with the Process

An experienced SSI disability attorney in Olympia knows all of the conditions or ailments for which his or her clients can get approved for disability insurance. The attorney also knows all of the factors the Social Security Administration takes into account before rendering its decision on these types of cases. This enables the legal professional to put together more convincing cases for its clients.

Recognizes Weaknesses in Cases

A knowledgeable SSI disability attorney in Olympia can recognize certain weaknesses in clients’ cases that they might not see. For example, the attorney may discern a client’s need for more tests and medical documents to support his or her disability claim.

Help People Get Backpay

In addition to monthly SSI benefits, back payments are also at stake with all SSI disability cases. This is money an SSI disability attorney in Olympia can help people get, which basically covers payments they would’ve received had their cases been settled right away.

The best benefit of hiring a reputable Olympia SSI disability attorney is knowing the firm will do everything in its power to win all disability cases.

For Promotional Purposes: The Law Office of Attorney Kenneth N. Gormly has been helping disabled clients get Social Security disability benefits since 1993, and prospective clients can reach the law firm at 253-274-0500.

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