The Top Three Reasons Why Disability Claims are Denied

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Lawyer


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Out of the millions of Americans who apply for social security disability every year, only thirty percent will be approved. While some are fortunate enough to be approved the first time they apply, a great many others will have to reapply before receiving the financial assistance that they need to live their lives. The reasons for denial vary by applicant, and while there is no comprehensive list of reasons that a disability, these are three of the most common reasons why disability claims are usually denied.

Lack of Evidence

People often assume that during the process of their applying for disability that doctors will be sent by the caseworker to evaluate their physical condition. This is frankly just not true, as the disability process begins with information from the applicant’s physician. While the government may solicit exams and additional opinions from other doctors during the process of approving or denying an applicant, the application itself is based on reports and findings from the applicant’s primary physician.

Too Much Income

Although applicants for regular social security benefits are often still working part-time, the rules for disability or SSDI, when it comes to working are very different. Those who make and claim a regular income of more than $880.00 per month will automatically be denied if they apply for disability benefits. The idea behind disability is that it’s for people who truly cannot work or provide for themselves. If you are looking for a social security disability lawyer in Pittsburgh PA, click here for more information.

Failure to Comply

During the process of applying for disability benefits, applicants are routinely asked to fulfill all sorts of requests from the caseworkers. These include, but are not limited to, additional documentation and follow up exams. Applicants often don’t personally care for the people who are handling their disability claim on behalf of the state, but failure to comply with their requests in a prompt and timely manner is one of the most common reasons why disability claims are denied. A good social security disability lawyer in Pittsburgh PA should be able to anticipate most of your caseworker’s requests during the process.

They say that if at first, you don’t succeed, you should try, try again. This is likely just as true of applying for disability than it is for anything else.