The Case of Success with Workers Compensation Attorney in Georgia

by | Jun 5, 2014 | Lawyer


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It is said that failing to plan is actually planning to fail. If you are going to meet a workers compensation Attorney in Georgia then you should prepare well. This is what lays the foundation of a good relationship with your legal aid.

Preparation is important because it saves time which also results in not wasting money.

Going to an attorney always comes with lots of forms which you should fill. When returning the forms you might be asked to produce documents that are particular to your situation.

Contact details should also be kept on standby and they include your work and home addresses, all your cell phone numbers and the email address. Make it all orderly by summarizing everything in a proper order.

To get the best from the workers compensation attorney in Georgia you need to give all that you’ve got. Some of the information that is necessary is the name of your employer and their physical address.

You also need to know when you were hired. When it comes to the injury you must state how it occurred and what led to it plus where it happened. Whom you reported to about the incident is also important.

There should be a statement explaining the injury and a report from a medical doctor should be included.

The people who saw how everything happened should also be named. This also includes medical experts whom you saw for your condition. You should also have the list of the tests performed on you and their exact dates. It is also important to include the results gotten. The attorney will find it easier to review your case with such information.

Who is the one supplying insurance services to your employer? You should put their name down, their contacts and the number of the file ascribed to you. It is also good to come with any form of communication that you might have received from the insurance company.

Do state when you are expected to report back to work if the date is available. If you have had other injuries in the past do let them be known to the attorney. It does not matter whether they are related to work or not.

Let your salary amount be known as it was before the accident, when the accident occurred and currently. Give out any correspondence from other parties related to your case. These can be evaluations and reviews at work.

With proper information the workers compensation attorney in Georgia will be able to serve you satisfactorily.

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