Talk to an SSDI Attorney, NY About Help With Filing a Claim for Disability

by | Mar 12, 2014 | Lawyer


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Social Security Disability Insurance is a social safety net that helps those with semi-permanent or permanent injuries with income. Everyone who is employed pays into SSDI, and can make a claim provided they meet certain criteria. One of those criteria is being able to prove that the individual is truly disabled and unable to work in the field they were trained in. However, even though SSDI is designed to help those in need, it is not an easy program to claim benefits from. Getting help from an SSDI Attorney, NY can help clear up confusion and potentially increase the possibility of having a claim accepted.

The application for SSDI may seem, at first glance, relatively simple. A work history has to be provided, along with information about the disability. But, this is where the complications are only just beginning. There needs to be absolute proof that the disability is significant, and that there is no way that the applicant can gain employment in their field due to the disability. To that end, there needs to be adequate documentation from the treating physician(s), demonstrating that the claimant is telling the truth. However, this may not be sufficient enough proof for the employees at the local Social Security office.

All it takes to get a claim rejected is an employee who doesn’t feel that the proof provided is sufficient, or to find a small mistake in the application. The criteria for approval are vague, and the employees of Social Security are the gatekeepers of the benefits. They can make it almost impossible to get a claim approved and benefits started. This is a good reason, although not the only one, to retain a SSDI Attorney, NY for help.

Chances are good that the claimant is absolutely unfamiliar with how a claim works, much less how to properly fill out an application. This is where discussing the situation with a lawyer from the William D. McGillicuddy Law Office PC can be beneficial. A lawyer is trained in handling the paperwork from Social Security, and understands the process of making a claim. In the event that the claim is denied, the lawyer goes on to handle the appeals process until benefits are finally approved.