Services Provided By Criminal Lawyers In Brockton

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Lawyer


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Your preferred criminal lawyers Brockton will provide you with a legal defense that will enable you to testify on your own behalf effectively. These lawyers provide counsel for criminal cases that include assault and battery, criminally-based automobile offenses, and major felony charges. Your attorney will review your case based upon the facts and establish an adequate avenue to present your case to the judge.

Assault and Battery Cases

Assault and battery is defined as intentional or reckless in Brockton. Intentional assault is considered as touching another individual with the intent to cause harm physically or emotionally. Reckless assault is a form of assault where the individual is unconsidered with the degree in which the victim is harmed. Either form of assault is often associated with domestic violence, gang-related violence, or common heated altercations.

Automobile Offenses

Criminal lawyers in Brockton charges that relate to automobiles include DUI, DWI, and fleeing the scene of an accident or hit and run. Depending on the circumstances of the accident the infraction may possess a classification as a felony or misdemeanor. DUI and DWI charges are typically a misdemeanor charge unless the current charge is a probable fourth conviction.

Major Felony Charges and Reasonable Doubt

To arrest you for a major felony charge, investigators must secure evidence that links you to the crime. It is this evidence that is used to secure a warrant for your arrest. This evidence is used by the prosecution in an attempt to secure a conviction. Your defense counsel will utilize this evidence and additional gathered evidence from his or her own investigation efforts to present reasonable doubt. If the jury believes there is reasonable doubt that you committed this crime, it is unlikely that they will convict you.


A criminal lawyer prepares a criminal defense for anyone who is facing these charges in a court of law. This defense is a direct representation of the facts and your story that relates to this case. Within this case, you are allowed the opportunity to testify on your own behalf in which you may answer questions that will assist your case. Reasonable doubt is the primary mission of any defense attorney, and it is how he or she will win your case.