An SSDI Attorney in Newburgh, NY, Helps You Get Your Benefits

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Lawyer


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Your body has broken down to a point where it’s almost impossible to hold down your job anymore. Worker’s compensation won’t take care of you because you won’t be able to heal in such a way that you can keep working. Your best option is to file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in order to ensure your bills are paid until you can claim for regular Social Security. However, it’s not that easy to get SSDI benefits even though the government makes it sound like it is. You’re going to need help from an SSDI Attorney in Newburgh, NY, to increase your chances of getting your benefits.

In order to be eligible to claim SSDI, there are tests that you need to pass first. These tests include demonstrating that you are actually disabled even though it may not be obvious. You do this by having proper documentation from physicians that clearly states that you suffer from a crippling disability that keeps you from working. However, you may not have sufficient paperwork that would satisfy the local SSDI office. A lawyer can send you to the physicians that are both familiar with your type of disability and how to fill out paperwork for SSDI.

Having the right paperwork is key to getting benefits, no two ways about it. When the lawyer send you to specific physicians, it’s to get an evaluation of your problems, investigate further if needed and to have the correct medical documents to put with your application. Your own physician’s office may not be as well-versed in filing for disability, and leave certain things out. Instead of trying to educate them and lose time, it’s better to go with physicians who can get you in quickly, evaluate you and give you the right paperwork for filing.

Once you have the medical documents in hand, the lawyer then goes through all of the other paperwork with you. Taking this step results in having an SSDI application that is filled out correctly and makes it very difficult for the SSDI office to deny your application. Getting your application through on the first attempt means you get your benefits sooner than later, and alleviates you of the need to worry and stress about approval.