Services Provided By A Family Lawyer In Frederick

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Attorney


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In Maryland, the family court manages cases that relate to families and specific life events that affect them. Common cases presented in family court include adoptions, guardianships, and child custody. A family lawyer in Frederick provides advice and guidance through the proceedings.

Starting and Managing an Adoption

The family court assists with adoption proceedings. The process starts with the assignment of a caseworker. Some jurisdictions require prospective parents to act as foster parents initially. However, petitioners who want to adopt a minor family member will complete a separate process. A caseworker must interview with the adoptive parents and complete a home study.

Establishing a Guardianship

A guardianship provides the petitioner with a legal authority to control financial assets for a disabled senior or a minor child. He or she must provide care for the individual due to age or mental incapacity. Guardianships are provided to protect the interest of individuals who cannot protect themselves.

Adjusting Child Custody Arrangements

Parents have the right to file a petition to adjust child custody or support arrangements. The state provides options for increasing payments when the noncustodial parent receives a raise in wages. The parents are both within their rights to file a petition if their child is a risk. Any new risks such as drug or alcohol addiction, alleged abuse, or criminal activity are encompassed in the law. Either parent has the right to file a petition for custody under the circumstances.

Managing Grandparents Rights

Grandparents who are denied visitation with their grandchildren file petitions, too. Under the laws, the grandparents can seek visitation if their child dies and their child’s widow denies access. In the cases, the living parent must provide just case or evidence of a risk to prevent visitation. Otherwise, the grandparents may receive a visitation arrangement.

In Maryland, family court cases must meet specific guidelines, and petitioners must establish a solid case to win. Cases that are managed through the court are adoptions, guardianships, child custody or support modifications, and grandparents rights. Fathers can petition the court to establish paternity, too. Families that need legal assistance contact a family lawyer in Frederick and schedule an appointment right now.