See a Slip and Fall Attorney in Port Orchard for your Injury

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Lawyers


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Many people today don’t seem to realize how serious a simple slip or fall can be. It is a feat of nature that the human body is able to stand up and walk on two legs to begin with, so when you fall and you are an adult, then it is usually a really hard fall. A simple fall could cause permanent injury to your back, neck, or even your tail bone. If you are the victim of a slip and fall because of someone else’s negligence, then call a Slip And Fall Attorney in Port Orchard.

An injury attorney will first set up an appointment to talk about your injuries and how they occurred. If they happened at someone’s place of business or even on someone else’s property, then they could be liable for damages. Most people have some type of homeowner’s insurance and almost every business has insurance as well. In most cases, you aren’t taking from someone’s personal bank account; you are just filing a claim with an insurance company. Insurance companies are in place to take care of injuries, but they can’t help you if a claim is never filed.

Attorney Anthony Otto has handled many types of injury cases, so he knows what has to be done to get your case handled correctly. He pays close attention to detail, so he is sure to find anything that could help your case. If you have concrete evidence that an injury was due to negligence, then you are going to be compensated for any medical bills incurred, for pain and suffering, and also for time lost at work. Every situation is different, and an attorney will work on a personal basis to ensure you get the representation you need to win.

It can be life changing to fall and injure your body in a serious way. Many people don’t even consider there may be an insurance company to help take care of the damages. A Slip And Fall Attorney in Port Orchard understands the laws, and they can explain them to you so you will know your rights. An attorney will do the fighting for you, so you can get the medical help you need to move on with your life.