An Attorney Experienced in Worker’s Compensation in Birmingham, AL is Necessary to Achieve Success

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Lawyers


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If you have suffered a work related injury, you need to contact the attorneys at Worker’s Compensation in Birmingham, AL as soon as possible. Although you can file a claim yourself, the first claim form is very important because it establishes the groundwork for all future claims and compensation. You can save yourself trouble in the future by taking action now. By having an experienced Workers Compensation attorney assist you in the beginning of the claim process, you can be certain the first filing is complete and contains everything the insurance company will need.

It would be helpful if you could document immediately the circumstances of the accident. This information will be helpful when you file the claim. Names of witnesses would be helpful as well as the name of any EMS crew members who may have been called to help you. Any information about the facility which may have led to causing the accident should also be recorded for easy retrieval.

An experienced attorney in workers compensation cases will help you document your case. The documentation is important because this will build the case as it progresses, and this process could lead to a settlement if you cannot return to work. An attorney can represent you at every stage of the appeals process if this is necessary. However, you will greatly reduce your risk of having to appeal if the claim is prepared properly in the beginning. More applications for benefits are approved initially because a Worker’s Compensation in Birmingham, AL attorney has the experience to ensure the filing is done within the law and by the regulations.

The experienced attorney will prepare to appeal the case at the Administrative Law Court which is a more informal proceeding. To do this, he must have all of the documentation, medical records, x-rays and other tests which will support the claim for long-term benefits. Occasionally, the attorney at will have an expert testify on your behalf.

When an experienced attorney is involved, 74 percent of claims which have been denied are approved when an attorney files for appeal. Many more claims are approved initially when an attorney is involved because his experience will help document and present an air tight case.