Red Flags to Watch for When Choosing a Personal Injury Law Attorney in Gonzales, LA

by | Mar 14, 2019 | General


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Attorneys must represent their clients to the best of their abilities. However, there are certain individuals in the profession who put their interests above those of the client. How can the victim of an accident distinguish between attorneys and know which person falls into each category? Following are some red flags to watch for when hiring a personal injury law attorney in Gonzales LA.

No Retainer Agreement

In the event an attorney does not require clients to sign a retainer agreement, it is best to look elsewhere for representation. This document protects both the attorney and client by outlining exactly what services will be provided. This includes information on required actions on the part of the client, the payment schedule, and more. If a dispute arises as the case moves forward, this document becomes of great help in resolving the dispute.

Handling of the Case

Who handles the case? This is a question every client needs to ask but many neglects. Choose an attorney that will handle the case personally and be the primary contact for clients. If the attorney is not present at the initial meeting and when the retainer agreement is signed, it is best to look elsewhere for representation.


Ask the attorney if he or she normally represents victims in these types of cases or insurance companies. While it never hurts to choose an attorney who has worked for insurance companies in the past, the bulk of the attorney’s practice should be dedicated to representing victims. The time spent representing insurance companies does give the attorney insider knowledge in how a defense will be crafted, but the time spent helping victims is of more importance in this situation.

Contact us for more tips on hiring a personal injury law attorney in Gonzales LA. With many attorneys to choose from, a victim should be able to find someone who he or she feels comfortable with and believes can handle the matter properly. However, when any of the above red flags are seen, it’s time to move on and choose someone new. Victims only have one chance to be compensated for their injuries so mistakes cannot be made at this time.