Reasons Landlords and Tenants Need Residential Real Estate Attorneys in Chicago

by | Dec 21, 2017 | General


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Renting or leasing a home can quickly become complicated for landlords and tenants. Landlords need to receive timely payments, and tenants want to protect their rights to live in a rented house or apartment. Discover some of the top reasons landlords and tenants need residential real estate attorneys in Chicago.

Landlords and Tenants Both Have Rights

When it comes to residential property rentals, both landlords and tenants have legal rights. The landlord owns the property and collects rent while the tenant pays to reside at the property. This complicated situation can lead to misunderstandings and litigation even when the parties sign a detailed lease or rental agreement.

Evicting Tenants

When landlords experience nonpayment or other breaches of their agreement with the tenants, they may want to evict them. Specific legal procedures must be followed to ensure a successful eviction. An experienced attorney helps landlords evict tenants and handle a variety of tenant-related legal matters.

Protect Tenants’ Rights

Tenants also have legal rights when they rent a property. From the return of a security deposit to staying in the home, a knowledgeable attorney helps tenants protect their money and homes. And, an attorney can help people facing a potential eviction find a way to stay in the rental unit.

Buying and Selling Residential Real Estate

Often, landlords also buy and sell real estate. Tenants may also decide to purchase the property they are renting or another home in the area. An attorney helps people every step of the way when they buy and sell residential real estate.

Other Real Estate Matters

There are a variety of real estate matters that landlord, tenants, homeowners, associations, and property owners might need to handle. Such matters can include liens, foreclosures, contract negotiations, boundary disputes, and standard real estate closings. An attorney understands all the details associated with these legal proceedings.

People seeking the services of residential real estate attorneys in Chicago can contact the professionals at Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells. It makes a difference when people work with a team of dedicated legal experts to help them protect their rights and achieve their real estate goals.