Multiple aspects of business law

by | Apr 5, 2014 | Lawyers


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A business attorney is engaged in assisting the business client in almost every stage of the business and every aspect as well. A business attorney in Wichita KS makes sure that the business conducts its affairs in full compliance with the law be it local, national or international. To get advice and to file the necessary documents that are required to form a business, contact Fleeson Gooing Attorneys at Law, the same legal team can guide the owners of the business through dissolution as well should that become necessary. The attorney handles any law suits that are brought against the company or lawsuits that the company brings against others, writes and reviews contracts and provides legal enforcement of company guidelines and policies.

One of the most critical times in a company’s history is right at the beginning when the company is being formed. A business attorney in Wichita KS will work with the client, providing guidance on what kind of business to form; should it be a corporation, a limited liability company or a partnership? The way a company is initially formed has long term ramifications on tax liability and once the business has been created, the attorneys will often take responsibility for making all the filings that are demanded by law such as the annual reports and other government documents.

The initial formation of the company and its adherence to law and reporting is one thing but companies require advice almost on a daily basis. It may become necessary to develop a set of guidelines that will be used by the human resources department which apply to the hiring and termination of staff, the company may be sued by a disgruntled employee who feels he or she was wrongfully terminated, discriminated against or was sexually harassed.

If the company in question is a developer and manufacturer of product they may wish to seek patent protection for a newly developed product or process. To protect the company’s interests the business attorney can either arrange patent protection or he or she can recommend a patent attorney that is known to be seasoned in these matters.

If the company should do something which grabs the attention of the media, perhaps a merger or acquisition the attorney will often become the company spokesman on these matters.