Interesting Facts to Know Before Calling Divorce Lawyers in Oswego, IL

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Divorce Lawyer


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No matter if a divorce comes as a welcome relief or if it is a heartbreaking situation, it never quite goes the way the two parties involved envisioned. While divorces are not exactly uncommon, they are not something to take lightly. Here are some interesting facts to know, and a few lighthearted ones for the sake of levity, before calling upon divorce lawyers in Oswego, IL.

Just the Facts

1. A divorce happens approximately every 36 seconds in America. That equates to well over 2000 divorces every day or nearly 900,000 every year.

2. For all marriages ending in divorce, the average length of the relationship is eight years.

3. For those who remarry after divorcing, the average length time they wait to remarry is three years.

4. In an interesting statistical pairing, while nearly two-thirds of mothers with custody of their children receive support from their ex-husband, those women who have been ordered to pay support to men who have been awarded custody have a child support total default rate of 47%.

5. Same-sex couples experience less than half the divorce rate that opposing-sex couples endure.

Going Hollywood

1. Mel Gibson has the dubious distinction of paying out the largest divorce settlement in history, shelling out a whopping $425 million. He should have hired divorce lawyers in Oswego, IL.

2. The late Zsa Zsa Gabor is the undisputed queen of divorce with a record of 9 divorces to her name.

3. The shortest celebrity marriage award goes to Britney Spears. She lasted all of 55 hours before proclaiming, “I don’t!”.

What About the Children?

1. Close to half of all American children are raised without their fathers in the household.

2. Of all children coming from divorced parents, three-quarters of them live with the mother.

3. The divorce rate for marriages where children are not present are nearly 50% higher than with those where children are involved.

If the time has come where divorce is inevitable, it may be wise to contact. They can make sure any proceedings go as smoothly as can be expected and that their client is treated both fairly and honorably by the involved courts.