Injured at the Office? Hire a Work Injury Lawyer in Wichita to Get Compensation

by | May 10, 2013 | Lawyer


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The Kansas Workers Compensation Act was adopted to ensure that any worker injured at their workplace is given money to pay for the medical treatment of that injury. They also must be paid a portion of their salary, while they are recovering and not able to work. If standard medical treatment can’t treat their injury adequately to allow them to return to work, then they must be given life-long disability payments. Sometimes this payment is given in a lump-sum payout. However, what appears to be a simple and straight forward program to protect the health of workers, has become a very complicated program.

Many injured workers find that they need to hire a work injury lawyer Wichita practice to represent them. They have to remember that this program is run by insurance companies who make more money the less they pay out. The first step is filing the proper paper work within the given schedule. For an injured person, who may still be in the hospital this can be an overwhelming task. Even family members may be more concerned with the health of the injured worker than filling out forms. If this is an issue, the injured worker should hire a lawyer as quickly as possible. That way the lawyer can protect the worker’s rights and the worker can focus on getting better. Missing these deadlines can lead to lost benefits, that can be difficult to recoup at a later date.

According to the Workers Compensation Act, a worker’s medical expenses should be paid in their entirety for any authorized medical expense. That’s the first hurdle that a worker has to jump over. A company and their insurance company may argue that part of all of a worker’s injury is not an authorized medical expense. They could argue that it was caused by a personal activity that occurred out of the office. Even if the worker has filed all of the proper forms up to this point themselves, they should hire a lawyer if the employer refuses to authorize the medical expense. The work injury lawyer Wichita has dealt with many of these situations and will be able to make the strongest possible argument that it is an authorized medical expense.