Information You Should Know about a Bankruptcy Attorney In Marietta GA

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Attorney


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A bankruptcy attorney in Marietta GA can assist bankruptcy filers with preparing for their bankruptcies. The bankruptcy process can take six months or more. The formalities involved can be difficult to comprehend. This is why people should schedule a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney in Marietta GA to break down the complex process. The U.S Bankruptcy Code has allowed people to file for chapter 7, chapter 11 and chapter 13 bankruptcies.

These forms of financial protection afford people the chance to be absolved of the financial responsibilities of their current financial obligations or enter into a restructured payment plan to begin to pay off creditors at a slower pace. A bankruptcy attorney in Marietta GA can act as counsel for people so that the task of completing the bankruptcy forms is completed within the specified time frame. Most people file for bankruptcy because of a loss of income or because of a significant debt burden.

Debt can cause people to become swallowed up by their personal finances. Debt collection calls and constant delinquency notices can put individuals in a situation in which bankruptcy is their only real option to move forward financially. A bankruptcy attorney in Marietta GA will want to hear from people directly about the financial issues that they are facing. A copy of a credit report is a good idea to have on hand so that it can be evaluated.

The bankruptcy court has terms and conditions for each bankruptcy filing. This means that people need to make sure that they coordinate their efforts with a bankruptcy attorney in Marietta GA so that they comply with what is being asked of them. Proof of income will be important as people need to be able to document that they are suffering financially and that the income cannot pay the debts off in a reasonable time span.

A bankruptcy attorney in Marietta GA is the best person to reach out to because they know a great deal about bankruptcies because they specialize in handling them. Completing the process without legal help can be done, but is not advisable, This is because people often have complicated financial matters at hand. This can make completing the required forms very difficult and time consuming. People can ask a bankruptcy attorney in Marietta GA to charge them a flat fee for their services. This can be a good way to do the bankruptcy filing in an affordable and efficient manner.

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