Identifying Duties Of The Owner With A Slip And Fall Attorney In Naples

by | Jan 13, 2015 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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The first concept identified in premises liabilities case is if the victim was within his or her legal right to enter the location. According to law that outline the duties of all property owners, he or she is not ordered by law to notify trespassers or uninvited individuals of any known risks. This is why this component of the entire case is essential on both sides of the spectrum.

Understanding The Duties of a Property Owner

The primary element of these cases is to determine that the victim was either invited to the location or entered an area open to the public. In these instances, the owner is required to warn invitees of any probable dangers associated with this property. Otherwise, the laws order them to remedy these conditions to prevent the potential of injury and guard invitees against third-party criminal acts. It is due to these duties and associated failures that a Slip And Fall Attorney in Naples prove the owners liable in an injury claim.

Responsibility Based on Building Codes

According to building codes, all property owners are required to maintain these structures to remain compliant with these regulations. With businesses and publicly-accessible properties, the laws and codes define dangerous conditions, which could lead to an accident. These owners have two options. They could take steps to remedy these conditions or post warnings to notify the public of the hazards.

Residential Property Owners and Liability

In the case where a trespasser or uninvited guest becomes injured, the property owner could be deemed liable. The reason for this possibility is in any instance that the owner concealed hazards to capture trespassers. These circumstances could warrant the award of damages due to the owner’s knowledge of these traps or hazards.

The most common liability cases associated with business, and other public locations are slips and falls. However, with more con artists emerging daily, a litigant must provide conclusive evidence to show that they couldn’t see the object or condition that caused them to fall. If you’re a legitimate victim of a premise liability, contact a Slip And Fall Attorney in Naples by visiting today. You can also visit their Twitter profile.